Why is literacy so important?

Literacy is important for so many reasons. At the most basic level, it allows one to enjoy the host of wonderful books available. There are a host of other benefits, too. For instance, researchers have shown:

  • Literacy at early ages improves long-term educational success. Researchers have shown that children who read at grade level by the end of Grade 3 are more likely to graduate high school. 

  • There is a link between literacy and crime. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, prisoners had lower literacy rates than the average person in the US population. 

Despite these and other benefits, many children do not read at grade level.

  • A study from the Annie E. Casey Foundation showed that 1 in 3 children in Grade 4 are not reading on a level with their peers. 

  • These figures increase to 49% when focusing on children from low-income families.

  • These trends are especially important in states like Texas, where the majority of elementary school children come from low-income families.

These data show that literacy at early ages is important. At Books and a Blanket, we are seeking to improve literacy for all children, thereby improving their overall well-being.